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NEWS OPINION HEALTH MONEY LIFESTYLE ENTERTAINMENT DOWNSIZING TRAVEL OVERSIXTY.COM.AU FREE ISSUE 5 | JULY 2023 T he rise of arti!cial intelligence (AI) technology is leading to a disturb- ing rise in online voice scams – which cybercriminals need just a three-sec- ond clip of your voice on social media to create. According to new research from in- ternet security experts McAfee, scam- mers are increasingly using AI technol- ogy to clone voices and then send a fake voicemail or voice note to the victim’s contacts pretending to be in distress, with the aim of stealing money from unsuspecting Australians. IN FULL BLOOM Internet use could lower dementia risk AI fuelling rise of voice cloning scams RETIREMENT FUNDS: CHATEAUX OF THE LOIRE VALLEY DOWNSIZE THE SMART WAY 18 15 30 How Doreen Wendt-Weir found her dream career in her 70s the regular internet use took place. "e !ndings, using data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) – an ongoing biennial survey of adults aged 50 and over – found participants’ risk of dementia was lowest for those who used the internet for two hours or less each day – a greater risk applies to those who spend six to eight hours on- line daily. "e !ndings also show these bene!ts to brain health did not vary based on race/ethnicity, sex, educa- tional attainment or generation. See page 6 "e rise in popularity and usage of AI tools means it is easier than ever to manipulate images, videos, and even the voices of friends and family mem- bers. "e report from McAfee Labs, ti- tled !e Arti"cial Imposter , shows that as AI technology becomes more so- phisticated, voice cloning requires very little expertise and just three seconds of audio to enable a scammer to be able to mimic your closest family and friends’ vocabulary and produce a be- lievable scam. See page 2 PAGE 16 Y our daily internet habit could be protecting your brain from demen- tia. A recent study has found that older people who use the internet regularly may be protected from the cognitive impairment that can lead to age-relat- ed dementia. According to a report in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society , the reduction in the risk of de- mentia is nearly half that of adults with limited internet use, with the study also suggesting the reduced risk of develop- ing this degenerative neurological con- dition are more pronounced the longer HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED? Join over 530,000 members at Australia’s most popular good news and lifestyle destination for Over 60s Visit oversixty.com.au/join and follow us on Facebook.com/oversixtys