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WINTER 2022 N o one wants to be labelled a sucker, particularly when it comes to how we handle our money. But there are some clear signs that your name has made it on to a scammer’s Suckers List. In January, Phyllis Hogan*, 80, received a call from the Fraud Department of her bank, alerting her to two suspicious spends that had appeared on her Visa card overnight. One was from an Amsterdam-based merchant for $750, the other one from South Africa for $250. The woman calling from the bank gave her name and an ID number and when Phyllis confirmed she hadn’t made either purchase, spent the next 25 minutes RISE OF THE UNRETIRED Alarming health toll of Australia’s sleep crisis Outsmarting the scammers’ Suckers List GUT HEALTH: TAKE THE BLUE MUFFIN CHALLENGE NEW SUPER RULES FOR RETIREES Patricia Howard explains WIN! PRINCESS CRUISE WORTH $8400! 37 12 15 Tour guide Fred Garcarczyk is kicking new career goals at 71 sleep. The Sleep Health Foundation notes that “sleep is a behaviour that is often readily modifiable once people are given the right information or interventions to deal with the issues preventing quality sleep.” Sleep problems in older Australians often go undiagnosed because people think their symptoms are a part of ageing, experts say. With poor sleep responsible for a range of health conditions from heart disease to stroke, dementia and depression, they are calling on people to see their doctor for simple solutions that can improve their health, tolerance of pain and their mood. Continued on page 4 arranging for theVisa card tobe cancelledand a new one ordered. Disaster appeared to have been avoided. Later that night, Phyllis mentioned it to her son. He was suspicious and urged her to call the bank to check. When she did, they confirmed that no such call was made. She had fallen victim to a phishing scam. Phishing scams are the most prevalent scams inAustralia, withover 44,000 incidents reported in 2020 – and no doubt countless more unreported. These scams can, unfortunately, lead to more serious harassment and identity theft. Continued on page 3 page 16 I nApril 2019, the national inquiry into poor sleep in Australia confirmedwhat the one- in-three sleep-deprived Australians already knew – sleep is as important for good health as regular exercise and a healthy diet. In a world-first, the Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia left little doubt that sleep is a serious health issue, and one that deserved government support and funding. So what’s happened since and what help is available? The report’s 11 recommendations were adopted by the National Preventive Health Strategy 2021-2030. The short message is: people need to prioritise the importance of NEWS OPINION HEALTH MONEY LIFESTYLE ENTERTAINMENT DOWNSIZING TRAVEL OVERSIXTY.COM.AU BONUS SECTIONS